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Jacob deGrom Makes a Statement, Ace #1A Demands Your Attention

In Sports on May 22, 2015 at 11:46 am

By: Brian Mangan

Two years and twelve days ago, I asked the following question on this site:

On Matt Harvey’s Tuesday Night Brush With Perfection, Was It The Best by a Met All Time?

Harvey had just pitched a gem, carrying a perfect game into the seventh inning and ending up striking out twelve White Sox over nine scoreless innings, surrendering no walks and just that one (infield) hit. I was in attendance that night, May 7th. It was my birthday. This was also when I thought I could make Happy Harvukkah a thing:

harvukkah small

Anyway. After the game, I wanted to see if Harvey’s performance was objectively the best ever, so I checked the Baseball-Reference logs to see what the highest Game Scores in Mets history were (Game Score takes into account innings, strikeouts, hits, etc. to come up with a single figure). As it turns out, Harvey’s Game Score of 97 was the second highest of all time, trailing only David Cone’s complete game three hitter against the Phillies in 1991.

The Mets Luck Has Evened Out; Wilmer Flores Has Been Fine; Deal With It

In Sports on May 15, 2015 at 11:17 am

By: Brian Mangan

Quick reaction piece to Michael Baron’s opinion article over at Just Mets this morning. In it, Baron argues that the Mets can’t afford to play Wilmer Flores at shortstop any longer, given his perceived struggles in the field and at-bat. Respectfully, Baron is wrong on this one.

The Mets are Fine, Just Not That Good

First of all, the Mets are not a sinking ship right now. Despite all the gnashing of teeth during the Mets current run of below .500 ball (they are 7-12 in their last 19 games), the Mets are fine. The problem is that this valley comes directly after a high, unsustainable, peak of success that tricked people into thinking this team was something that they are not.

Before the season I had the Mets winning around 87 games. They lost Zack Wheeler in Spring Training, but made aggressive trades for Jerry Blevins and Alex Torres. After a hot start put them at 10-3, I told people that I thought they were still around a 87 win team. 

What To Expect from Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz

In Sports on May 12, 2015 at 12:49 pm

By: Brian Mangan

(n.b. an abridged version of this column was published on MetsBlog last week)

The Mets starting rotation has pitched well in the early going in 2015, lessening the urgency for the team to look to the minor leagues for help. Nonetheless, top prospects Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz have been dominating in Triple-A, toying with advanced hitters in a hitter’s league, and appear ready to contribute today. With the Mets hot start having converted them into real contenders for a playoff spot, the team should be aggressive in making improvements. However, with the rotation having pitched so well, it’s not clear how or when there will be a spot for Syndergaard or Matz.

The Mets Rotation Has Been Really Good

The Mets starting rotation currently sits 2nd in the major leagues with a 3.02 ERA, blowing away the league average ERA of 4.06. They haven’t been overpowering, ranking 14th in strikeout percentage, but make up for it with control and by inducing ground balls. The staff is essentially lapping the field in BB/9 rate (thank you Bartolo Colon) by allowing a miniscule 1.64 walks per nine innings, and they are 7th in ground ball percentage. All in all, and the starting rotation is 9th in Wins Above Replacement (a little lower than their ERA thanks to some good luck and a friendly home park).


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