Quick Hits: Mets Continue to be Stranger than Fiction

By: Brian Mangan

A few Mets links from around the internet. 

There were two pieces of Mets news circulating the blogosphere today, and both stories are uniquely, definitively Mets.  I speak now of only actual newsworthy news, not even just the criticism that lurks in the dark corners of the internet.  Only the Mets.

1. Johan Santana is “angry” and “bitter” toward the Mets (NBC Hardball Talk)

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson went public with his disappointment last weekend, which resulted in Santana reportedly irking the team by throwing unscheduled from a mound just one day later.

We are told that Santana’s anger is “palpable.”  Granted Santana’s contract is basically up, but why ostracize a player when you stand to gain nothing?  Especially the player that pitched the Mets’ only no-hitter in their history.  Only the Mets.

2. Jordany Valdespin takes Verlander HBP in crotch, was not wearing a cup (Deadspin)

Asked where he got hit, Valdespin responded, “my dick.”  Collins then chided Valdespin publicly, saying that Valdespin should have been “smart enough to wear a cup.”

Not only getting HBP in a private area, but doing so while choosing not to wear a cup.  Only the Mets.