How To Be Featured On The Read Zone

By: Michael Abitabilo and Brian Mangan

Check out About The Read Zone for information about the Site and it’s authors and contributors!

Here at The Read Zone, anyone can submit an article for publication.  If your writing pertains to a topic that we cover here at The Read Zone; and if your writing meets our quality standards; we will edit and publish it for you.

You can also have whatever by-line you like, with your name, or even link to a site where you write full-time.  If you have your own blog, cross-publishing things to The Read Zone is a great way to get additional traffic!

There is a Process and there is some Fine Print, so read below for more.  If you are interested, and would like to submit something for publication, send your submission to or contact us via the form below.

The Process

1.  Get An Idea And Write Your Article!

(You’re on your own for this part!)

2.  Make Sure That It Meets Our Criteria and Submit for Editing/Approval (see fine print below)

  • Does it meet quality standards?
  • Is it on a topic of interest to this site?
  • Is it properly sourced/have proper references?
  • Have you written your  by-line?

3a.  If It’s Approved, We Will Publish It!

3b.  If There Are Changes, We’ll Send It Back To You For Your Approval

We will not publish anything with changes on this site (aside from minor grammar and citation changes) without sending it back to you first.

4.  Be Published!  You’re done!

Make sure to check back and interact with the commenters!  Part of the joy of writing something is having it be read and get feedback!

The Details

A.  Editor’s Discretion

The Editors of have complete discretion over what is posted to, and are free to reject submissions for any reason or no reason at all.  Not all submissions to the Read Zone will be published.

However, even if we choose not to publish a particular item, your interest and support are appreciated and we encourage you to continue to submit original work.

B.  Ownership of Content by Originator

You retain full ownership of your submission after you submit it to The Read Zone, and we will not prevent you from publishing it elsewhere.  In fact, that’s kind of the point!

You may put whatever by-line you like on your submitted articles.  You may link to your existing blog, include your occupation, or anything else you would like people to know about yourself.

C.  Ownership and Rights Over Content by The Read Zone:

By submitting a piece for publication on the Read Zone, you (the author) are specifically warranting that you have permission to publish this work here and are not prohibited from doing so by any third party, by contract or otherwise.

D.  Submission Standards:

When you submit a piece of writing to The Read Zone, it will be reviewed by Editors on two primary guidelines: 1) whether the submitted piece is on an acceptable topic and 2) the quality of writing.

If the submission does not qualify, it will either be turned down or returned to you with edits and suggestions.  If the original submission or a subsequent submission meets the standards for the site, it will be posted (submissions with only minor typographical/editing changes will be posted without review by the  original author).

1.  Acceptable topics can be seen from the sections on the site:

  • Sports (baseball, basketball, hockey, college, etc.).  This includes analysis, opinion, debates, of all sports.  No game recaps.
  • Politics/Law/News Events.  This section includes what it sounds like — commentary and news.  It may be funny or analytical, politically-oriented or otherwise.
  • Entertainment/Culture (movies, television, creative writing).  This includes articles involving reviews, stories regarding celebrities, etc.  No movie/tv recaps or ratings.
  • Other Acceptable Topics. We at The Read Zone are trying to figure out exactly what other fields of interest we’d like to cover.  But if your writing is interesting, insightful, or funny, we’ll try to find a way to fit it in!

2.  Submissions will be held to a high standard.

Articles published on The Read Zone must be well-written and sourced!  Edit your writing before you submit it.  Include links to the sources that you use for your information.  If you make an argument, back it up!

Submissions do not have to be long, or have numerous sources — they can also be short, funny, interesting, or opinion.  However they must still meet quality standards.

By submitting an article for submission, you agree to these terms and conditions.  If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact us and ask!  Happy writing!