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Mission Statement

The Read Zone, founded in 2012, is a blog about sports, entertainment, politics and culture.  It has its origin in a conversation in a conversation between the two founders about how difficult it is to find a place on the internet with high-quality writing and a smart, active commenting community.  And thus, The Read Zone was born.

The idea behind The Read Zone was to create a place where people can come to “read and get read” by similarly-minded people.  For this reason, The Read Zone differs from most blogs or other sites in a few important ways:

1) Articles on The Read Zone are required to be well-written and accurately-cited — no half-hearted blog posts, no slideshows, and no trash;

2) Anybody can submit articles for publication on The Read Zone.

That’s right — everyone is invited to contribute to The Read Zone, so long as your writing meets the standards and guidelines for the site.  Take a look at the requirements (over at the Get Read tab) and you can start sending in submissions right away.

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Michael Abitabilo: Articles  @mabitab

Brian Mangan: Articles  @brianpmangan

Staff Writers

J. Scott Smith: Articles


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Melissa Levin: Articles

Brittany Elsner: Articles

Mark A. Rubin: Articles

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