People Still REALLY Don’t Want Ads on Instagram

Yesterday, Instagram posted a picture which was pushed to everyone’s feed which stated in part as follows:

A few weeks ago, we shared our plans to introduce advertising on Instagram.  Today, we want to be the first to show you an example of what an advertisement on Instagram looks like.

News outlets reported the news factually, with little fanfare (CNN, CNET, Engadget).  This is to be expected, as Instagram’s plan for introducing ads seems to be to do so in a way that is relatively non-invasive, with brands that “are already great community members” creating ads that are interesting and engaging.  

Nonetheless, users of Instagram are – to put it mildly – not pleased.  I took a look at some of the comments on the picture introducing ads, and they are pretty one sided:

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The other thing I learned is that it’s 2013, and kids still use the word “gay” to describe things that they don’t like.  Seriously, guys?  Seriously?  And please, learn to spell “ads,” it’s not “adds”.   I fear for the next generation.

Well, Instagram, knowing this is your audience, I guess it’s your move.

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Brian Mangan is an attorney in New York City and uses the #nofilter tag on Instagram proudly.  Follow him at @brianpmangan on Instagram and Twitter.

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