The Read Zone’s Wednesday Link Zone – 11.20.2013

Each week, the authors of The Read Zone will provide you with their weekly must-read’s and interesting links from around the internet.  Here is what you might have missed from November 12 through November 19:
  • Awesome profile on recently inducted Hockey Hall of Famer Brendan Shanahan. Rangers fans will never forget when he took on Donald Brashear at center ice of MSG.
Politics and Law
  • In an amazing NPR piece, a historian who studied American voting patterns, demographics and public opinion polls going back to the days of the first settlers explains why America is really made up of 11 different nations, including “Yankeedom”, “the Midlands,” and “Greater Appalachia,” and that each region can trace its political leanings back toward their roots.
  • Thanks to the squeeze on the middle class and longer lives and better health, people are retiring later and later.
  • If you ever saw the the movie Man on the Moon or are otherwise a fan of Andy Kaufman, check this out.
  • Of course not.
  • Wahlberg had some choice words for Tom Cruise in response to his comments a few weeks ago which seemed to compare his work as an actor with that of military serving overseas.
  • There you have it.
Local/New York
  • I think this one is fairly self explanatory…