The Link Zone – 12.10.13

Each week, the editors of The Read Zone will provide you with their weekly must-read’s and interesting links from around the internet.  


Hockey Player Waves to Child, Child Can’t Stop Smiling

  • Hockey players are the best of all the players.

MLB Intends to Ban Home Plate Collisions and Pete Rose Can’t Believe It

  • [Insert snarky joke about the Hit King having bet on this here]

Cubs’ Castro Has $3.6 Million Seized in Legal Dispute

  • Damn 1%ers

Is Jim Kaat the First Golfer to Shoot His Age as a Switch Hitter?

  • Love Kitty as a broadcaster and this only further proves that professional athletes are simply superior humans.


Why the Sing-Off is the Most Important Show on Television

Everything Else

Canada High Court Strikes Down All Restrictions on Prostitution

  • Here is an actual quote from the actual Chief Justice of Canada’s actual high court: “It makes no difference that the conduct of pimps and johns is the immediate source of the harms suffered by prostitutes… .” Canada is the best, eh?

Master Sergeant Dresses As Player on Opposing Team and Surprises His Son

  • We’ll never get tired of the soldier-coming-home-surprises-his-or-her-family genre of internet videos.

Mandela Ceremony Sign Language Interpreter a Fake

  • We’re late on this story, but just wanted to point out that this seems like something Detective Frank Drebin from the Naked Gun movies would have pulled.

Snoozers, Are In Fact, Losers

  • Well then I, sir, am a loser.