Quick Hit: Super Bowl XLVIII Features Best Offense/Defense Matchup of All Time

A lot of people have been talking this week about the match-up between Denver’s #1 ranked offense and Seattle’s #1 ranked defense.  It’s a great match-up between the league’s best units, that should make for a Super Bowl for the ages.

However, the historical significance of this meeting might even have been understated thus far.  When looking at the teams about to face off this Sunday, Chase Stuart of footballperspective.com made an absolutely awesome discovery:

This year, the Broncos averaged 37.9 points per game, 14.5 points more than league average. Seattle, meanwhile, allowed just 14.4 points per game, 9.0 points better than league average. That means this is a true clash of the titans in one sense: when the Broncos offense is on the field against the Seattle defense, the two units will have been a combined 23.4 (difference due to rounding) points better than average during the regular season.

As it turns out, that’s the greatest disparity between any two units in Super Bowl history.

Yep, you heard it here first (ok, heard it here second) — there has never been a match-up between two units as talented as these.

In fact, it’s not even just the best Super Bowl match-up of all time, it’s the best match-up ever, including regular season, as far as their research showed.

Click through the link to see the rest of Stuart’s column, which features a chart of all of the offense-defense matchups in the Super Bowl all time.