Unbelievable Sounding Facts That Are Actually True

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In the last year we’ve brought you analysis on Curtis Granderson signing with the Mets, and Alex Ovechkin leaving the NHL for the KHL.  We’ve reviewed and analyzed the Sing-Off and How I Met Your Mother.  We’ve done research into the NFL’s Forward-Pass Rule, compared Obama and Putin in their battle for interpretive dominance, looked into the controversial indictment of the Boston Bomber, and debated the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But sometimes, something else online is just too good to pass up.

Today on Reddit there was a thread entitled “What’s the most bullshit-sounding-but-true fact you know?” and they are *incredible*.

What follows is a list of completely amazing, unrelated facts, that sound like bullshit but are actually true.  Here are some of our favorites:

1. Mammoths were alive when the Great Pyramid was being built.
From: /u/Touristupdatenola

Verdict: Mostly True.  According to Wikipedia: A small population survived on St. Paul Island, Alaska, up until 3750 BC, and the small mammoths of Wrangel Island survived until 1650 BC, while construction on the Great Pyramid began in 2584 BC.

2. When you get a kidney transplant, they usually just leave your original kidneys in your body and put the 3rd kidney in your pelvis.
From: /u/LAL17

Verdict:  Gross, I am not checking this.

3.  If you could fold a piece of paper 42 times it would reach the moon.
From: /u/kijafa

Verdict: True.  I was not buying this, but the top comment under this fact did the math.

Thickness of a piece of printer paper: about 0.1 millimeters,
0.1 mm doubled 42 times: 440,000 kilometers
Distance from the earth to the moon: about 384,400 kilometers

(10 times is 102 millimeters, 15 times is 3,276.8 millimeters, 20 times is 104,857.6 millimeters a.k.a. 104 meters, 19 times is 53,687,091.2 millimeters over 53,000 meters, you get the picture)

4. Cows have best friends and they get stressed out when they are separated.
From: /u/mayofetish

Verdict: True, if you believe that the Daily Mail is a legitimate source.

“The research showed cows were very social animals which often formed close bonds with friends in their herd.

‘When heifers have their preferred partner with them, their stress levels in terms of their heart rates are reduced compared with if they were with a random individual,’ Ms McLennan said.”

5. The number of ways to shuffle a deck of cards is 80,658,175,170,943 ,878,571,660,636,856,403,766, 975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000, 000,000.
From: /u/ccnova

Verdict:  Oh. My. God.  This is true.

As explained: “If every star in our galaxy had a trillion planets, each with a trillion people living on them, and each of these people has a trillion packs of cards and somehow they manage to make unique shuffles 1,000 times per second, and they’d been doing that since the Big Bang, they’d only just now be starting to repeat shuffles.”

Here is a clip from Quite Interesting, a British shoe televised on BBC, in which Stephen Fry explains the phenomenon:

6. Less time separates the existence of humans and the tyrannosaurus rex than the t-rex and the stegosaurus.
From: /u/ehchristos

Verdict: True.

7. Every day, 16 years of video gets published to YouTube.
From: /u/areemkey and /u/avionaught

Verdict: True.  100 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

8. Nintendo was in existence for 34 years when the Ottoman Empire fell. 

Verdict: True. Per wikipedia:

Nintendo was founded as a card company in late 1889, originally named Nintendo Koppai. Based in KyotoJapan, the business produced and marketed a playing card game called Hanafuda.  The Ottoman Empire dissolved in 1922.

9. The US State closest to Africa is … Maine.

Verdict: True.

10. More people are killed every year by falling coconuts than by sharks.  Fifteen times more. 

Verdict: True?

According to UniSci.com, anyway: “Falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide each year, 15 times the number of fatalities attributable to sharks,” said George Burgess, Director of the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File and a noted shark researcher.”