Hey Twitter, Was Anyone Saying Mean Things About Geno Smith at Halftime of the Jets vs. Chargers Game This Week?

By: Michael Abitabilo

“Hey Twitter” is a feature here at the Read Zone in which we examine the twitter-sphere’s reaction to certain widely consumed events to search for common themes. For this installment, we checked in on the reaction to Geno Smith’s first half against the San Diego Chargers. 

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Hey Twitter: was anyone saying mean things about Geno Smith at halftime of the Jets’ game against the Chargers this week?

@patworldpeace hey you’re a good tweeter

Not the most flattering picture…

Mmmm meatballs.

These are all brilliant in their simplicity.

Sometimes sarcasm can’t be picked up in writing.

Other times it definitely can.

Not really that mean but an interesting piece of gossip…

I don’t know anything about this Uncle Rico, but that can’t be a compliment.

Umm, consider your request granted.

Now that is mean.

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Mike Abitabilo is the co-founder of the Read Zone, and wishes the Jets would have left Geno Smith in for the second half so he could have found more mean things on Twitter.