Similarities Between Star Wars: The Force Awakens and A New Hope

By: Brian Mangan

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** spoilers ** spoilers ** spoilers ** spoilers ** spoilers ** 

A brief review of the incredible number of similarities between Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII) and Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV).

* * *

The movie begins in flagrante delicto, in the middle of the action. The Rebellion/Resistance has acquired some important information but the Empire/First Order is in hot pursuit. 

As a latch ditch effort to keep the information away from the Empire, a Leading Rebellion Character (Princess Leia/Poe Dameron) puts the information into an Important Droid (R2D2/BB-8) and sends the droid on its way. The character is captured by the Empire … and to make matters worse … there, in person, is the high-ranking Force-Sensitive Villain in a mask (Darth Vader/Kylo Ren). In the mean time, leading Rebellion character is tortured by Force-Sensitive Villain for information.

The Droid then encounters a Young Orphan (Luke Skywalker/Rey) who has been living an unspectacular life on an outer rim desert planet (Tatooine/Jakku). This Orphan, thanks to circumstances outside of his/her control, gets dragged into an adventure whose outcome will help save the Rebellion. As part of the mid-movie wacky adventures, Han Solo owes somebody money.

The film is now set up. The Young Orphan, unwittingly dragged into the fight, is helping the Rebellion/Resistance, and there is something special about him/her. The Empire/First Order, with its superior firepower, will chase the Rebels and the Orphan around for a while. Exposition will take place about the identity of our Force-Sensitive Villain and his Mysterious Hologram Master (Darth Sidious/Supreme Leader Snoke). There is also an extremely Charismatic Third Lead Character who may or may not provide a romantic storyline, but provides charm and comic relief (Han Solo/Finn). The Millenium Falcon will be involved, as will some Wise Older Character who will try to convince Young Orphan to take a lightsaber (Obi-Wan Kenobi/Maz Kanata).

Eventually, two bad things happen. The (special) Young Orphan gets captured by the Empire/FO and the Rebels/Resistance discover that the Empire has a Killer Space Station that can be used to destroy entire planets (Death Star/Starkiller Base).

An adventure frees the Young Orphan, who has now begun to understand and tap into his/her special powers. Now that the gang is all together, they must go on a daring adventure to try and destroy the Killer Space Station before it can fire on the Rebel/Resistance Forest Planet Base (this is now a hybrid of Episodes IV and VI).

The Rebels/Resistance identify One Weak Spot in the Killer Space Station and have no choice but to go on a long-shot mission to hit it. This involves Charismatic Character going on a mission to disable shields while the main Rebel fleet attacks the One Weak Spot (Episode VI).

Young Orphan and Force-Sensitive Villain face off at the end in the presence of Charismatic Character, but the battle isn’t fully resolved (in IV, Vader cannot shoot down Luke, and in VII, Rey and Kylo Ren become separated).

In the meantime, Charismatic Character succeeds in disabling the shields of Killer Space Station and the Rebels/Resistance make their attack. A Daring Run by one character strikes the decisive blow, and the Rebels/Resistance flee before Killer Space Station’s epic explosion.

An old character with an important familial relation to Force-Sensitive Villain is killed at his hand (Han Solo/Obi-Wan Kenobi). At the end, Young Orphan from Desert Planet puts his/her past behind him and gives in to a future intertwined with the Force, going to pursue training from an Older Jedi in Hiding (Luke Skywalker/Yoda). A future conflict with Force-Sensitive Villain and his Mysterious Hologram Master (who at one point wanted to capture Young Orphan) seems imminent.