Good Fundies Podcast, Episode 5: May 5, 2016

Hello, Mets fans!

For those of you who are not aware (read: most of you), my good friend Roger and I have been doing a once-a-week podcast about the New York Mets. There are a few podcasts out there already on the topic — some good, some bad — but we hope that you give ours a listen.

I could say more, but for now, I’ll let the description of the podcast speak for itself. Also, please subscribe through your podcast app on iTunes, so that you never miss an episode! (link here).

*    *    *

Brian and Roger talk about what promotions they want to see at Citi Field, the continuing struggles of Matt Harvey, the whatever-the-opposite-of-struggles Steven Matz is going through, the fairly decent rotation that Washington Nationals team has, Brian discovering the hard way that the parents of athletes read his work sometimes, Terry Collins’ strange approach to trying to motivate his catchers, and a look ahead at the West Coast road trip (where the guys expect excellence, dammit.) The music this week was inspired by the tastes of Gary Cohen and Ron Darling.