Good Fundies Podcast: Episode 7, May 18, 2016

Hello podcast fans! In what is surely the best episode yet, Roger and Brian discuss the following topics. Click here to subscribe on iTunes!

-The Double-A Binghamton Mets considering changing their nickname to, among other monikers, the Stud Muffins; Roger explains why it’s the perfect choice.

– Was the Citi Field reception to Daniel Murphy’s return what we expected? And do we regret swapping out Ol’ Murph for Neil Walker yet?

– Addison Reed is doing well by just throwing fastballs, and Brian gets exasperated trying to figure out how.

– The boys feel bad for Carlos Torres, whose name is getting dragged in the mud thanks to the deaf, dumb and blind home plate umpire with the same name that won an essay contest we guess and screwed the Mets over the weekend.

– In the mailbag, Roger and Brian explain why it seems like our pitching staff isn’t great even thoughvthey’re 1st in WAR, and figure out if they would rather manage the Atlanta Braves or get shot out of a cannon.

-After the credits, there’s a special surprise. It’s like a Marvel comic movie, except in this case you lose a lot of respect for Addison Reed’s taste in music.