Please Stop Following Louise Mensch

Louise Mensch is a former Conservative MP (bad). She used to work for News Corp., which is owned by Rupert Murdoch (bad). She has spent the last few months tweeting and publishing ridiculous conspiracy theories (bad). So why does she continue to gain followers, and why do folks in the Democratic Party and on the Left not realize that Mensch is out there to make us all look bad?

Mensch currently has over 264,000 followers on Twitter, a figure which increases every month despite the fact that none of her inane theories come true. She had only 110,000 followers in November, and despite doing nothing but embarrass herself and spout false and made-up reports, her influence has increased.

It is transparently obvious that Mensch, a lifetime Conservative/News Corp/Murdoch acolyte, has not suddenly transformed into a part of the #Resistance. It is obvious that she exists to add noise to the signal; to confuse the #Resistance; to cause otherwise-reliable people to spout conspiracy theories and lose credibility.

It is not just wrong and annoying, she is clearly a plant by the Republicans or Conservatives (or worse). It is a matter of great public importance that people do not follow or retweet her anymore. Mensch thinks Breitbart was murdered by Putin. Mensch thinks the Ferguson protests were financed by Russia. She claimed to have evidence for both of these allegations.

Here’s a fun look at some of the rest of her record, just a sampling of tweets she has not deleted.

This has never come to fruition.

Pyotr Levashov was alleged to be a “spammer” not a hacker.

There is no evidence of this.

This report is from May 10th — there have been no arrests.

There is no evidence of this.

She thought a FISA Court could issue an indictment, and that one was granted against Trump. Double-wrong.

She said Trump was arrested.

The House Judiciary Committee has not done this.

Another wild conspiracy about Russian influence.

This is just the funniest and most recent.

And of course, before the FBI was the good guy, they were the bad guy:


I’ll say this again.

Louise Mensch is a CONSERVATIVE. Louise Mensch worked for NEWS CORP., which is owned by Rupert Murdoch — you know, the Fox News guy.

She has done nothing but spout asinine, nonsensical garbage for a year which has been recirculated to discredit and confuse anyone who might think that there was actually something to the Russia investigation. Mensch, and her influence among hopeful lefties, is the worst thing that has ever happened to the Russia investigation.

Unfollow her. Do it now. Tell your friends. Disregard what she says. Wait for it to come from a source worth trusting. Keep the #Resistance credible, and on track. Don’t let it be further undermined by the right.