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Are We Going For it or Not? The Mets Need to Decide

Right now, the Mets occupy the most uncomfortable position in baseball: fringes-of-the-race-in-July purgatory.

At 6.5 games behind the Nationals in the NL East, and in third place behind the Marlins, the path to the division title is unlikely. Even worse, the Mets have finally dropped out of Wild Card position, sitting third and smack dab in the middle of a group of five teams separated by only four games (Dodgers, Marlins, Mets, Cardinals, Pirates). Fangraphs puts their odds at winning the NL East at 4.8%, and their odds of winning a wild card spot at 34.4%.

Decimated by injuries to David Wright, Lucas Duda, and 3/5ths of the starting rotation (although Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz continue to take the mound, for now) this is not the team we expected to see in the spring. Nonetheless, the Mets remain on the fringes of the race at 49-43 (on pace for an 86 or 87 win season) and do not appear to be clear buyers or sellers. 

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One Man’s Quest to Get the Mets to Acquire Danny Valencia

As is often the case, the baseball world has finally come around to seeing what one person on the internet has been saying all along. Sometimes, that one person is a brilliant one who was just waiting to be discovered (think: Nate Silver). Other times, that person is like a broken clock that you just so happened to look toward at just the right moment (think: Peter Schiff, who called the financial crisis but who otherwise has no apparent ability to predict the economy).

In this case, it doesn’t matter, because that visionary and/or broken clock is me, and I have a blog, so I get to talk about it.

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How To Evaluate Mets Prospects in Triple-A Las Vegas

It is hard to evaluate Mets position player prospects in the hitter’s heaven known as the Triple-A Pacific Coast League. Offense in the PCL is off the charts: the Mets affiliate, the Las Vegas 51’s, is hitting .288/.363/.448 as a team right now. Mets pitchers have an aggregate ERA of 5.25, but that’s been good enough to lead to a winning record on the year so far (31-27).

So how do we know which Mets hitters are good wilmer.JPGenough to be promoted to the major leagues and which ones are duds? We all already know we can’t look at the PCL statistics and expect anything close to that in the major leagues, but we also know that some players make the transition better than others. So, how can you tell the 2014 Wilmer Flores (.323/.367/.568) from 2014 Eric Campbell (.355/.442/.525)? Power.

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Democratic Nomination is not Clinched; Sanders OK to Court Superdelegates;

A quick explainer today as there is an incredible amount of nonsense and misinformation flying around the internet with the false news that Clinton has “clinched” the Democratic nomination for President.

In short: superdelegates have not voted yet, and should not be included in any media outlet’s delegate tracker. Nonetheless, they still exist and it is valid for either candidate to make the argument that they are the better nominee for the party and to court them.