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There was an interesting article the other day at entitled “What (Else) Can Men Do? Grow the Fuck Up.”  The article was shared pretty widely, front paging on Reddit and Digg.  As a man the title of the article speaks directly to me, so I figured I would click through and read it.  I was very disappointed by what I found.

[FN] Before I get into it, a couple basics for those who would try to disregard the content of this response. I am not a “Men’s Rights Activist” (MRA). Although I am a middle-class white male (yes, my life has been exceedingly easy) I gew up in New York City, went to a liberal arts college, and obtained a graduate degree from a school in New York City. I did theater. I voted for Obama. As far as big scary men go, I am about as liberal as you can get.

Feminists have, for many years, used the internet as a great outlet to get their message out, to deconstruct, to forward dialogue.  This use of the internet in this way and to forward these purposes has been, by and large, a wonderful thing, particularly for females who might not otherwise ordinarily have a loud enough voice in what remains (admittedly) a patriarchal society (not all women are using it well, of course, but with any population you’re going to have those who excel and those who do not; tolerating the 90% is worth it for the 10% that is brilliant).  The internet allows for these things to grow and be communicated organically.

However after several years of this, a new pattern has emerged of men on the internet tearing other men to pieces.  Case in point, is “What (Else) Can Men Do? Grow the Fuck Up.”

Stephen Colbert’s Joke Gone Wrong Leads to #CancelColbert Controversy

Remember about a month ago when I lamented the fact that people keep somehow listening to the world’s dumbest people as they find something to be outraged about on twitter?

Well, the internet’s version of the “unstable man in the food court at the mall with a megaphone” is back at it again, with the hashtag of #CancelColbert currently trending:


So, why the outrage?  Here’s a recap thanks to

Rocky Road to Wrestlemania

By Matt Angrisani

[Ed: Guest writer Matt Angrisani weighs in on a topic never before covered on The Read Zone: professional wrestling.  If you’d like to write an article for The Read Zone, contact us at or by using the form on the About Us page]

WWE started off 2014 with a Diamond Dallas Page-esque “BANG.”  The Royal Rumble, one of the most popular events of the year, was around the corner.   Former World Champ, Batista, was returning after a several year hiatus, along with Sheamus, who was out of action for almost all 2013.  Even bigger was the announcement of the long-awaited WWE Network, an online source for brand new WWE programming, classic matches, and live Pay-Per-Views.  WWE was flying higher and higher until they unexpectedly (at least to them) got too close to the sun.

Unbelievable Sounding Facts That Are Actually True

Here at the Read Zone, we strive to bring you original, interesting content on a wide variety of topics in sports, entertainment, politics and law, without taking content from anywhere else.

In the last year we’ve brought you analysis on Curtis Granderson signing with the Mets, and Alex Ovechkin leaving the NHL for the KHL.  We’ve reviewed and analyzed the Sing-Off and How I Met Your Mother.  We’ve done research into the NFL’s Forward-Pass Rule, compared Obama and Putin in their battle for interpretive dominance, looked into the controversial indictment of the Boston Bomber, and debated the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But sometimes, something else online is just too good to pass up.

Live From New York, It’s Colin Jost!

 By: Michael Abitabilo

With last week’s emotional goodbye to Seth Meyers, fans of Saturday Night Live witnessed the end of an era. When SNL’s mock news segment Weekend Update hits the air following the Olympics, it will be without Meyers as its anchor for the first time since 2006. Instead, first-year anchor Cecily Strong will be joined by the relatively unknown Colin Jost, SNL’s co-head writer. To help prepare our readers for the transition, we thought we would provide a brief analysis of Jost’s most popular YouTube clips.

Dear Internet: Stop Caring What the World’s Dumbest People Say On Twitter

By: Brian Mangan

There is a new fad around the internet that is no good.  It began in a little corner of the web one day, perhaps a similar style post made it to Upworthy one day, then the style drifted on to Buzzfeed or some other click-hungry site.  Now, it threatens to overwhelm the public discourse.

I am talking about large websites that aggregate the world’s dumbest (and usually most racist) tweets and writes an entire article to say “look what people are saying about [relevant news topic]!!!!!”