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Enough Already: the Mets and Royals are a Mismatch

By: Brian P. Mangan

This column will be short and sweet.

Forget the storylines, forget the narratives, forget all the stuff ESPN is jamming down our throats to make everyone think this is going to be a tight series. The Mets are better than the Royals.

Anything can happen in a short series, of course, but this is not about Alcides Escobar’s hot streak, or the Royals success against ace pitchers, or Defensive Runs Saved by a handful of guys.

The Mets have better pitching than the Royals.

Crosstown Vocal to sing the National Anthem at Citi Field on Saturday, August 15th!

By: Brian Mangan

crosstown citi 2NYC-based a cappella group Crosstown Vocal is proud to announce that, after a long and arduous journey that began with an audition on a brisk day in March (pictured right) that they will be singing the National Anthem at Citi Field on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 before the first-place Mets take on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Defending the “Win” Statistic in Baseball

There are few issues in baseball which have been more thoroughly debated than the merits of the pitcher win. It is an excruciatingly boring topic, where members of my community (the sabermetric community) pat themselves on the backs and crow about how stupid and nonsensical the win is.

The idea of “killing the win,” as espoused by Brian Kenny on MLB Network, made itself over to Fangraphs yesterday in a column where the author asked professionals what they thought about the idea of ditching the statistic. The professionals — a cross section of players, coaches, and analysts — almost universally agreed that, although the win is not all-important, it is a fine statistic worth keeping track of. 

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For the Rangers, 27 + 20 + 21 + 26 + 8 + 18 = 2++

By: Michael Abitabilo

Call it New (York) Math. On the back of huge performances from Ryan McDonagh (27), Chris Kreider (20), Derek Stepan (21), Martin St. Louis (26), Kevin Klein (8) and Marc Staal (18), the New York Rangers’ earned more than just two points against the New York Islanders on Monday.

The Rangers entered Monday’s game with a record of 0-3 versus the Islanders this season, having been badly outplayed for most of the nine periods and outscored 13-4 over that span. And while it is doubtful the players and coaching staff took the Islanders’ fans’ “You Can’t Beat Us” chant to heart, the Rangers had to be wondering if the Islanders presented insurmountable matchup problems for a Rangers club that has shown it can skate with any team in the league. With the win, the Rangers (and their fans) can rest easy knowing that the “any team in the league” category now includes the Islanders.

Jeter Farewell Tour Offsets Summertime Blues

By: Alan Levy

My family’s summer tradition of going to a Yankee game reached a crescendo this year, as we made our way to visit family in the Dallas area, just in time for the Rangers to say farewell to Derek Jeter. Globe Life Park is an amalgam of various stadiums. It has the right field upper deck from old Tiger Stadium, a mock Yankee Stadium facade, a shorter version of the Green Monster from Boston, and even some Camden Yards brickwork. But what the stadium lacks in individuality, it more than makes up for in food.

Everything is bigger in Texas.

This is Michelle Obama’s worst nightmare. Calorie counts with commas; not a salad to be seen; fried everything for the asking. There is a hot dog that’s about two feet long and weighs three pounds. If you add the condiments, we’re talking about something you can work out with. Helmet ice cream sundaes do not come in those cute little cups, but in REAL HELMETS! (This meets fantasy status for me.) Being in the heart of Texas, they had the obligatory barbeque restaurant, but they need a little marketing help when my 18 year-old daughter asks me if there’s something wrong with wanting to go eat “Nolan Ryan’s Meat.”