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Good Fundies Podcast: Episode 7, May 18, 2016

Hello podcast fans! In what is surely the best episode yet, Roger and Brian discuss the following topics. Click here to subscribe on iTunes!

-The Double-A Binghamton Mets considering changing their nickname to, among other monikers, the Stud Muffins; Roger explains why it’s the perfect choice.

– Was the Citi Field reception to Daniel Murphy’s return what we expected? And do we regret swapping out Ol’ Murph for Neil Walker yet?

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You Shouldn’t Be Concerned about Jacob deGrom

We published an article two days ago with all of our reasons why we are concerned about Matt Harvey. Diminished velocity overall, a drop-off of velocity within each start, and a bad zone profile for the later innings (lower strike percentage and more strikes up in the zone) have all conspired to get Harvey into some serious trouble once he reached 75+ pitches.

I have no such concerns with Jacob deGrom. Here’s why.

Good Fundies Podcast, Episode 5: May 5, 2016

Hello, Mets fans!

For those of you who are not aware (read: most of you), my good friend Roger and I have been doing a once-a-week podcast about the New York Mets. There are a few podcasts out there already on the topic — some good, some bad — but we hope that you give ours a listen.

I could say more, but for now, I’ll let the description of the podcast speak for itself. Also, please subscribe through your podcast app on iTunes, so that you never miss an episode! (link here).

Inevitability Changes Voters: Clinton and Trump are Now Unstoppable

There is a certain something to momentum in politics.

I’m not talking about the kind of momentum that you hear about most of the time, when a candidate goes through a couple of states that favor them demographically (like Sanders in the Northwest or Cruz through the Bible Belt). Bur rather, I’m talking about the kind of momentum you get toward the end of an election when it begins to look like a nominee is inevitable, and when people in their primaries start looking forward to the general election.

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A Few Warning Signs for Matt Harvey

The Baseball Gods giveth and they taketh away. For the Mets heralded young rotation, the Baseball Gods have done both in the span of only three weeks. Noah Syndergaard has rocketed to superstardom (I called it!), Jacob deGrom succumbed to a lat injury, and Steven Matz has been both fantastic and terrible in consecutive starts.

As for that other guy? And I don’t mean Bartolo Colon. We’re talking about Matt Harvey, who so far this year has 5.71 ERA and a paltry 4.67 K/9 rate after just three starts.